Ripple Effect Of Philanthropy

It Feels Good To Do Good

Humans seem to be hardwired to care about their broader community. We seek a connection and have a desire to help, to make a difference. Think of a pebble thrown into the water with the ripples floating outward. The initial impact is felt by the receiving organization or individual but there are goodwill ripples that extend far beyond that initial gift. It is those ripples that are the power of giving back. And it continues to evolve in the most unexpected ways.

Businesses engage in philanthropy and volunteerism because it is the right thing to do. When we created Christopher Todd Communities back in 2016, Gratitude and Stewardship were established as two of our core pillars, and one of the ways we embrace those is via giving back; it’s part of our corporate soul. It feels good to do good.

Emotional Connection:
There is considerable scientific evidence that volunteering has a direct impact on our brains and our psyche.

According to the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, research has found that when you volunteer, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that provides the same feel-good sense you experience after a vigorous workout. Volunteering also reduces stress levels by creating a sense of purpose and well-being. A 2009 Johns Hopkins University study revealed that volunteer activities get you moving and thinking at the same time, which increases your brain activity. Another study released by UnitedHealth Group found that the overwhelming majority of participants reported feeling mentally and physically healthier after a volunteer experience. Here are additional facts about the benefits of volunteering:

Scientific Numbers:

  • 76% of people who volunteered in the last twelve months said that volunteering has made them feel healthier.
  • 94% of volunteers said that giving their time to a cause improved their mood.
  • 78% of volunteers said that it lowered their stress levels.
  • 96% reported that volunteering increased their sense of purpose in life.

Team Bonding:
At Christopher Todd Communities, we created a non-profit called Adirondack Chairities™ (a play on the chair in our logo) and A New Lease On Life™ which targets support directly to people in need, whether someone needing temporary housing while undergoing outpatient cancer treatments, or veterans transitioning from military to civilian life who needed a rent reprieve so they could be retrained or start a new business. But our team also wanted to do something even more hands-on.

Each quarter we enjoy community service mornings where we select a non-profit that aligns with our company’s values. Our executive team goes out in full force and works together to do whatever the charity needs to be done. We’ve worked at food banks, connected with foster children, tended to a community garden, refurbished counseling spaces for emotional healing, and most recently we got our pet fix at the Arizona Humane Society whose mission is to save the most vulnerable animals and enrich the lives of pets and people. As all Christopher Todd luxury rental communities are pet-friendly, we felt a special connection with these fur babies.

When we bond with the community like this, our hearts are so full. As a team, we unite over shared experiences that are outside of our typical professional lanes. We become more aligned. Our day is brighter, better, and more joyful – all of which we take home with us. It is the ripple effect defined in new and different patterns far beyond what we expected.

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Martha Moyer Wagoner

Martha Moyer Wagoner is our Director of Public Relations, focusing on media relations while also fostering industry education and community goodwill. Martha loves to escape to her mountain cabin where she does her best to avoid bears.