The Power Of
Giving Back

A New Lease On Life® was created by Christopher Todd Communities® to provide a helping hand up to one person or one family at a time. At this time, our philanthropic efforts are focused on veterans, first responders, and healthcare heroes. Via an essay submission with each new community we open, we select one of many deserving heroes to receive a rent-free home for a year.

It is our honor and privilege to launch this important initiative designed to positively transform the life of a deserving veteran.

Todd Wood, Ceo

Christopher Todd Communities presented its third A New Lease On Life home during summer, 2019 to a US Air Force Veteran, who is also a wife and mother. She served four years, including a hardship duty at a South Korean air base, home to the 51st Fighter Wing approximately 50 miles from the Demilitarized Zone which separates North and South Korea. They routinely trained and prepared for…

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Miles Morell, age 26, honorably discharged from United States Air Force after six years of service, is the second recipient of Christopher Todd Communities A New Lease On Life philanthropic outreach. He is a single father to two boys, ages seven and two, and served in Kuwait and Afghanistan in the USAF Security Forces. Living in his new home at Christopher Todd Communities At Country Place…

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Jonathan Hancock, a United States Marine Corp veteran served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, experienced the horrors of war. More than a quarter of the soldiers he served with were killed, and many more were injured. He saw the worst of the worst. And it impacted him deeply. After his honorable he hit rock bottom with excessive drinking and a suicide attempt. It was at a Veteran Affairs…

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Building More Than

Christopher Todd Communities’ CEO Todd Wood believes in the power of giving back in the community, delivering a helping hand to those in need. Each quarter, our team gets together and volunteers at a local charity, food bank, or community event in an effort to give back and help enrich the lives of those around us.