What Gen Z Looks for When House Hunting

With a new generation entering the housing market, real estate trends are in rapid flux. Unlike prior generations, Gen Z is easily the most well-versed population in modern technology, and they bring a whole new set of priorities and goals to the table in their home search, but not always the ones you might expect. Naturally, it’s of the utmost importance to keep up with future residents’ wants, needs, and preferences—so what appear to be the biggest changes with this new generation of tech-savvy buyers and renters?

Gen Z’s Top Priorities in a Home

Open Concepts

Millennials spiked a resurgence in the popularity of open concept floor plans, and Gen Z are no different. Not only are open layouts optimal for entertaining, they also create the impression of a larger space. With things like student loan debt and steep home prices in mind, Gen Z seek affordability—often in the form of smaller homes—and have no qualms about diving into DIY YouTube projects to make the most of their open space.

Community Amenities

When moving into a community, Gen Z tends to expect top amenities, including convenient features and communal spaces to relax, work, and socialize. Perhaps due to their largely technology dependent upbringing, many members of Gen Z desire face-to-face interaction and entertainment—things they aren’t able to get with all the technology in the world. Moreover, the digital generation is accustomed to fast-paced living and quick results, so they seek out communities that make their lives easier and smoother rather than ones that might impede their pace.

Outdoor Space

Detached, single-family homes have always been a favorite among home buyers and renters, largely due to private backyard space. Over half of Gen Z rank a backyard as one of their top must-haves when finding a home, many even ranking outdoor space before smart home technology. Gen Z buyers and renters value space for outdoor entertainment—especially in the wake of restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19—and express a preference for features like patios, decks, and fire pits. This generation may have been raised on technology, but they prioritize time and space to unplug as well.

Diverse Neighborhood

As one of the most globally conscious generations, it’s no surprise that the majority of Gen Z prefer to live in a diverse community or city neighborhood. Social awareness and equality are highly prized over homogenization in this young generation, and they tend to seek out communities that demonstrate this value through fair business and support of multicultural neighborhoods.

Energy Efficient Homes

Gen Z is an incredibly environmentally conscious generation, and this translates into a willingness to spend more for a sustainable lifestyle than a trendy one. Basic energy efficient measures are a given for these buyers and renters, such as energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, window panes, and up-to-date insulation. The US Department of Energy outlines guidelines for energy efficient house designs for a detailed look into green housing.

Communities Built to Enhance Every Lifestyle

It’s essential to treat each prospective resident as an individual, but these generational observations can provide enlightening insight into the common values and preferences young buyers and renters typically share. With these, businesses and communities can better understand what residents want out of a home.

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