How To Use Technology To Stay Connected With Mom

Mother’s Day 2021 will likely look different than it has in past years. While COVID-19 continues to limit our face-to-face interactions and our ability to travel, technology is in the spotlight now more than ever, especially when it comes to family holidays.

Digital connection has come a long way in the past year alone. Yet it can still be difficult for even the most tech-savvy users to select a platform that works for them and their families, particularly the technologically challenged members. But we’re here to help you find the best way to easily stay connected with your loved ones.

Ways to Stay Connected

In this day and age, virtual connections are made by the millions—through social media, video messaging, text messaging, and more. A variety of platforms are available—from Zoom to WhatsApp to FaceTime—and those can get overwhelming for anyone not accustomed to using them regularly.

If you have a technologically challenged loved one in your life, you may be worried in particular about your ability to successfully connect. Luckily, there’s a handful of popular platforms that provide a number of ways to stay in touch.


Facebook has become a staple among a wide range of audiences, including seniors. While the News Feed can appear jumbled at times, Facebook is a great way to find social connections with family and friends. Many seniors especially appreciate the sprawling platform as a new, modern way to reconnect with old friends, providing an easy platform for social connectivity from the comfort of home. Help Mom set up her profile on your next visit home, then enjoy the ease of sharing daily messages and pictures.


An oldie but a goodie, Skype was originally released in 2003. Rather than falling to the wayside of outdated tech, its longevity is an attribute to its success. It weighs in as one of the world’s most widely used video calling and meeting platforms, due largely to its accessibility, reliability, and low subscription cost. Using Skype is as easy as helping your parents install the app on their smartphones or computers, set up an account, and start calling. Skype can be used for text messaging and group video calls, too, so you can get the whole family together.


Every iPhone user knows FaceTime, the video calling app developed by Apple. The good news is: it’s an Apple product. Like all Apple products, FaceTime is famous for its user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for digital beginners and tech-savvy seniors alike. The bad news is: it’s an Apple product. It’s only compatible with other Apple products, limiting its audience to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. If Mom has an Internet connection and an iPhone, however, she’ll be thrilled to find FaceTime pre-installed and ready to go—as easy as making a phone call.

Google Hangouts

A platform so popular that its name has become a verb, Google joined the video meeting trend in 2013 with Google Hangouts. One of the great perks about Google is that its video chatting features can be used on Androids and iPhones alike. Plus, Hangouts can be synchronized across multiple devices, so Mom can go from video chatting on the home computer to sending text messages at the store without missing a beat. Like many other platforms, however, you’ll have to help family members set up a Google account before you can start connecting.

Teleparty (or Netflix Party)

Formerly known as Netflix Party, Teleparty is a unique platform to watch synchronized TV shows, movies, and more with your family and friends. It’s a fantastic way to spend some relaxing down time with loved ones without having to stay in front of a phone or video camera. Teleparty even includes a text chat feature, so you can comment on all your favorite scenes in real time to stay even more connected. Simply help your loved ones set up their Netflix account and install the app—then grab the popcorn and enjoy.

Communities Designed to Connect

Christopher Todd Communities are made for connection, offering smart home technologies like high-speed Internet to support your digital calls—plus, luxurious amenities to enjoy while you video chat with Mom. Take your digital family reunion to the pool and lounge in a ramada while you catch up, or take your parents on a FaceTime tour of your beautiful home. This is A New Way To Live® that lets you spend quality time with loved ones, whether they live across the street or across the country.

Our detached, single-story, single-family homes are your key to comfort, privacy, and worry-free living with built-in smart home technology. Enjoy frequent resident events, convenient in-home features, and an abundance of space to entertain and socialize when Mom can finally visit. Just don’t be surprised when she moves in next door after seeing your private, maintenance-free backyard. You can view our communities here.

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