The Benefits Of Living With A Pet

All of the pet owners out there know just what we mean when we say our pets are truly part of our families. They’re loving, reliable, non-judgmental, and downright adorable companions to come home to each day, especially considering the major increase in pet adoptions during the COVID-19 lockdown. We take care of our pets, but our pets take care of us, too—mentally, physically, and socially.

How Do Pets Enhance Our Lives?

We love our pets, but it may not always occur to us just how beneficial it is to have them around. Aside from bringing a daily dose of cuteness, pets can enrich our lives by enhancing our physical health, supporting our mental wellbeing, and adding to our social lives.

Physical Health

Living with a pet in pet-friendly apartments, homes, or rentals has unique physical health benefits. Stress has a profound impact on our physical health, both in the short and long term. Pets, however, are shown to lower our stress levels, alleviating much of the inherent anxiety that comes with modern life. Studies have shown that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than people who don’t have a pet. Pets such as dogs help us stay active, too, requiring walks, runs in the dog park, and other physical activities that get us up and moving, which in turn supports our mental health. Christopher Todd Communities provides the perfect setting for activities with your pup. Whether it’s a game of fetch in your private backyard or a stroll up our scenic walkways to the Bark Park for exploration and play, you’ll find only the best in pet-friendly living at our luxury smart home community.

Mental Wellbeing

Pets are an enormous asset to our mental wellbeing. In addition to relieving many of the stresses of daily life, they also ease feelings of loneliness, provide comfort, and add purpose to our lives. Pets come with certain levels of responsibility and require daily care, supporting our mental wellbeing by giving us routines and tasks to care for those dependent on us. In return, we receive love and companionship that brings happiness, stress relief, and more meaning to our lives. Christopher Todd Communities features pet-friendly houses for rent, offering you the chance to live in a luxury rental smart home without having to sacrifice the companionship of your pup or kitty. Our homes are designed to support you and your lifestyle, including the furry friend in your life. That’s why our homes include complementary pet doors into your private, fenced backyard, so your pet can thrive and enjoy life right alongside you.

Social Life

Cats and dogs are a great common denominator among many people and encourage socialization. Something as simple as taking your pup for a walk in the dog park can result in new connections and bonds, as other pet owners often stop to comment on your dog or give your pup a pat. Even certain breeds of dogs and cats have their own enthusiasts and community following, such as golden retrievers, and can lead to a variety of new connections and social events for pet owners. Our fenced communities, neighborhood atmosphere, home features, and community amenities are all designed with pet owners in mind, so you can rest easier knowing your pet is as welcome here as you are. Pet ownership is common among residents at Christopher Todd Communities because our smart home communities are made to accommodate all members of your family—even the four-legged ones.

Communities Built To Enhance Your Lifestyle

Christopher Todd Communities offers A New Way To Live® with the space and resources you need to enjoy your life with your furry friend. Our detached, single-story, single-family homes provide improved privacy over apartment rentals, less maintenance than owning a house, built-in smart home technology, and tons of space for entertainment and socialization. Here, you get your own pet-friendly home and a private backyard maintained for you, luxurious community amenities right outside your front door, in-home features that add convenience, and regular resident events for a true neighborhood atmosphere. You can view our communities here.

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