The Benefits Of Backyards Vs. Balconies

When it comes to searching for homes or apartments, outdoor space is at the top of many people’s priority lists. Backyards and balconies can not only add budget-friendly personality and an attractive focal point; they also add convenience and enjoyment for pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking the tranquility of a private outdoor space.

When faced with the decision between a balcony or backyard, it can be difficult to choose, but backyards come out on top for a variety of reasons.


One of the first and foremost benefits of backyards over balconies is the difference in space—backyards almost always win out over balconies in terms of square footage. Balconies require careful design and certain support to be safe for use, limiting their size in order to stay within these requirements. Like any other part of a home, backyards are naturally limited by property lines, but they’re otherwise free to be used as a spacious outdoor haven for recreation, socialization, and relaxation.

At Christopher Todd Communities, our spacious backyards are private and maintenance-free, so you can enjoy extra space without extra work. Our fenced backyards offer all the space you need for fun with your pup, grill-outs with friends, and relaxation in the sun.


A backyard provides freedom to enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors without having to travel to a busy public park. Residents can easily access and enjoy their own peaceful outdoor space right beyond their back door—and so can their four-legged friends, who love venturing into their own yard for exercise and play.

Our private, maintenance-free backyards at Christopher Todd Communities give you the ultimate convenience in outdoor relaxation. We offer a fenced backyard entirely maintained for you and a complementary pet door from your home directly into the yard, so pups can go in and out as they please into a private, safely fenced space.


Backyards can be put to all sorts of uses, whereas balconies have tighter limits. Unlike a balcony, backyards can be used for play, sports, relaxation, traditional gardening, landscape design, grilling, social gatherings, and other outdoor activities. Furthermore, backyards tend to be able to host more people than a balcony, which has weight and capacity limitations.

Backyards at Christopher Todd Communities are the perfect space to enjoy a hot meal at an outdoor seating area, read a good book in the sun, catch up with a friend over cold drinks on the patio, or however you like to use your outdoor space.

Value And Privacy

Every resident wants the best bang for their buck, and backyards lend significant value to a home in terms of flexible usage and added privacy. Balconies can provide nice views, but they offer little in terms of privacy when you’re surrounded by neighbors with balconies of their own, unless you’re willing and able to spend extra money to install special hanging curtains. Backyards give residents the opportunity to relax outdoors without others above, below, or directly beside them with no curtains, outdoor privacy screens, or a fence to break sight lines.

Your outdoor privacy and enjoyment are priorities at Christopher Todd Communities, which is why our backyards come with painted vinyl fencing for your convenience, eliminating the need to build your own fence for privacy or pet safety.


Many prefer a backyard simply for its usage as a private recreational space. You can kick around the soccer ball, have a barbeque, play a round of fetch with your pup, lounge in a comfy lawn chair, and so much more. Although some compromises can be made such as creating a vertical garden, balconies have obvious limitations in regard to activities that require a lawn or more open space, such as sports activities and games with pets.

Christopher Todd Communities gives its residents the unique freedom of having their own fenced backyard without the hassle of upkeep. Our homes come with private, maintenance-free backyards, so you can have all the enjoyment with none of the work. However you prefer to use your backyard, you’re guaranteed the luxuries of privacy, pet-friendly space, maintenance-free landscaping, and all the enjoyment that comes with your own backyard.

Communities Built To Enhance Your Lifestyle

Christopher Todd Communities offers A New Way To Live® with the space and resources you need to enjoy your life and get the most out of your home. Our detached, single-story, single-family homes provide improved privacy over apartment rentals, less maintenance than owning a house, built-in smart home technology, and tons of space for entertainment and socialization.

Here, you get your own home and a private backyard maintained for you, luxurious community amenities right outside your front door, in-home features that add convenience, and regular resident events for a true neighborhood atmosphere. You can view our communities here.

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