How Smart Home Technology Provides Peace Of Mind

Smart home technology is becoming more and more common in daily life as people discover high-tech ways to live easier and reduce utility bills. However, smart home technology is more than just an elevated lifestyle tool—it also provides invaluable peace of mind in a variety of ways.

Monitor From Anywhere

Smart home devices allow you to keep an eye on your home on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, giving you the ultimate peace of mind no matter where you may be. Whether it’s checking on pets or other household members, ensuring you turned your stove off, or adjusting the air conditioning for a comfortable arrival when you return, there’s a smart home product to help you do it. Modern smart home devices can alert you to dangers like carbon monoxide in your home, set schedules for your lighting and air conditioning, and everything in between.

Feel Secure At Home Or Away

One of the most comforting features of smart home technology is the ability to control your home’s security. Smart security systems mean less worry while you’re at home and less hassle when you’re away. Ensure your security system is armed from the comfort of your bed, investigate outdoor noises through your security camera, turn lights on at night while you’re away, or double check that your home is locked and secure after you’ve left for vacation or a trip to the store. You can even use devices like Samsung SmartThings to set up monitors in your home to notify you of unexpected activity.
This sense of home security starts at the gate at Christopher Todd Communities, offering you a safe neighborhood environment protected by a smart entry security gate in addition to your smart home technology—so you’ll know your home is safe no matter where you are.

Add Convenience To Your Routine

Smart home devices add a remarkable level of convenience to your day-to-day routine. Use voice control on your smart devices paired with artificial intelligence softwares like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to set your alarm for work in the morning, make a reminder for an upcoming appointment, or to place a hands-free order online for necessities.
Smart speakers and visual smart devices like Amazon Echo and Echo Show let you take it to the next level by setting ambience music to clean the house, watch the weather forecast over breakfast, or listen to podcasts while you relax. Paired with fiber optic high-speed Internet, you’ll never stress over losing your connection while you work from home or host a Zoom meeting. Smart home technology brings you an innovative lifestyle of reliable, hands-free convenience.

Conserve Energy

Not only can smart home technology give you peace of mind about security—it can also help you rest easier when it’s time to pay the utility bills. Smart thermostat systems can be controlled from your device and set to automatically adjust during the day and night to keep your home at your ideal temperature and cut back on overheating or overcooling. It’s an essential tool for making sure that you’re maximizing your energy efficiency and lowering your bills.
Christopher Todd Communities was designed with easy luxury living and energy efficiency in mind, which is why you can save up to 12% annually on heating and cooling bills with the smart thermostat included in our homes.

Communities Designed For You

Connect your Christopher Todd Communities home technology to your devices and enjoy a lifestyle of security and easy living. Forget about fumbling for your keys with groceries in tow thanks to keyless door entry; easily check who’s at the door with a doorbell camera, and monitor your home’s security with a home security system. Christopher Todd Communities offers A New Way To Live® with all the cutting-edge smart home technology you need to relax, enjoy, and live easy.
Our detached, single-story, single-family homes provide improved privacy over apartment rentals, less maintenance than owning a house, built-in smart home technology, and tons of space for entertainment and socialization. Here, you get a private, maintenance-free backyard, luxurious community amenities, in-home features that add convenience, and regular resident events for a true neighborhood atmosphere. You can view our communities here.

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