Interior Design Tips For Small Homes

Surprise, Ariz. (February, 2018) — The small home trend is alive and growing. Both Millennials and Boomers are finding smaller homes an ideal alternative to other housing options. Millennials, born 1982-2002, have been a generation of renters so far, who enjoy the freedom that offers. Many Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are opting to downsize, get rid of the “stuff” and free their lives up for new adventures professionally and personally. A small home to call their own, but that they don’t have to own frees up time, money and responsibility and is the perfect solution for many. But how do you make it “feel” big?

Christopher Todd Communities builds single-family, single-story luxury rental homes in gated communities in the Phoenix metro area. These homes are typically 700 to 1,000 square feet, and have high ceilings which make them feel spacious. Learning from interior design pros can help maximize that space.

We caught up with Pati Vester, a Phoenix area professional interior designer who was working on a new guest suite within a Christopher Todd Communities rental enclave in Surprise. This 700-square foot home can be rented by tenants for visiting family and friends. She recommends paying attention to these details:

  • Furniture scale is important – don’t go too big or too small
  • Invest in a sleeper sofa for guests
  • Go with neutral tones on the big furniture and pop color with accent chairs or accessories
  • Stay with light and bright paint colors
  • Look for furniture pieces that have multiple uses
  • The Christopher Todd Communities’ pet-friendly homes also offer private backyards which extends the living space. The backyard can easily accommodate a dining table, lounge chairs, and barbecue, serving as a great entertainment space.

Smaller homes can be mentally and financially liberating, as bigger is not always better.

About Christopher Todd Communities
Christopher Todd Communities is an Arizona-based real estate development company with a specific, unique niche in horizontal multi-family communities. The company creates technology-forward, luxury, single family home rental communities with a gated entrance. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona the company is founded on the principles of creating innovative neighborhoods of distinction while investing in the community to provide a hand up to those in need. The company was created by Arizona entrepreneur Todd Wood.