How to Pick Your Perfect Rental Home

As evident by all of the different house-hunting TV shows out there, Americans place a ton of emphasis on buying a home. While buying a home certainly requires a lot of thought and effort, we can’t discount all of the time it takes to find the perfect rental home! Even though you’re not purchasing an entire house, a rental home is still your home.

The good news is that finding the perfect rental home isn’t as hard as it may seem. By following the steps outlined in our post, you’re sure to find a rental that you’ll love returning to each day.

Determine What You Can Pay

Like making any big purchase, your first step should be sitting down and looking at your finances to see how much you can afford to pay in rent. It’s generally recommended that your rent does not exceed 30 percent of your monthly income. In fact, many landlords require copies of recent pay stubs to ensure your rent won’t exceed that 30 percent limit. But your housing costs don’t just include your rent—renters also need to budget for utilities. After all, you can’t live without water, electricity, cable, or internet!

At Christopher Todd Communities, all of our single-family rental homes come equipped with high-speed WiFi and DirecTV so you can stay connected and entertained day in and day out. Plus, we designed our homes to be as energy efficient as possible to help reduce your monthly costs.

Brainstorm the Features You Need

Everyone needs a functional kitchen, a bathroom, and at least one bedroom. But you’ll need to look beyond those basics to be truly comfortable in your rental home. A few nice-to-have amenities include a fenced-in backyard, doorbell cameras, and smart home features that make your daily routine a bit easier.

You’ll find all of those amenities—and much more—inside each of our homes at Christopher Todd Communities. We strive to provide our residents with everything they need to thrive and live their best lives. Enjoy spending time in your private backyard with your neighbors and sleep easy at night knowing your home is protected with a home security system. We even provide pet amenities, like doggy doors, to let your furry friends come and go as they please.

Along with our at-home features, we provide tons of community amenities to meet the needs of all lifestyles. Whether you enjoy grilling up meats and veggies for an outdoor picnic or spending the day lounging by the pool, you’ll find just what you need at Christopher Todd Communities.

Explore Different Neighborhoods

You could find a rental home with the amenities you want at a price you can afford. But if it’s not in the right location, you’re never going to be truly happy at home. Our advice is to take a day and drive around to a few different potential neighborhoods. Look for things like proximity to your workplace, schools, grocery stores, and nearby attractions.

We carefully select the location of each of our communities to be in desirable locations near top attractions—like the Phoenix Raceway—to ensure our residents always have easy access to plenty of things to do. Additionally, all of our neighborhoods are gated, keeping you safe and sound day and night. Additionally, all of our communities are gated, giving every resident a feeling of being a part of a special Christopher Todd Neighborhood™.

Choose Your Rental Type

When many people think of renting, an apartment home is the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s important to note that there are many different rental homes to choose from, and an apartment isn’t always your best bet. With apartments or many attached townhomes, you’re vulnerable to all sorts of different sounds and distractions from neighbors, which makes life miserable if you have neighbors who stay up late listening to music or stomp around when walking around the house. Additionally, navigating several flights of stairs is difficult for those with limited mobility.

We specialize in horizontal living here at Christopher Todd Communities. All of our single-family rental homes are located on the first floor and are designed to eliminate noise from next-door neighbors. As a Christopher Todd resident, you can trust that your life will be peaceful and distraction-free.

Find Your Rental Home at Christopher Todd Communities

If you’re ready to experience A New Way To Live®, schedule a tour with our team at Christopher Todd Communities today. During your tour, you’ll get a look at all of our fantastic community amenities—like pools, fitness centers, and green spaces—as well as a look at our layout options and high-end interior finishes inside each of our rental homes.

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