Easy Ways To Replace Plastic At Home

We’ve all heard it and it’s become a global issue. Plastic is destroying our environment, our wildlife, our oceans, and wreaking havoc on everything that sustains us. It’s a material that is versatile, durable, and cheap so it makes sense why it’s been around for so long and why it was invented in the first place. If only we had known back then what we know now, as the saying goes.

If we all take steps to eliminate plastic, use less of it, or replace it with a more sustainable material, we can work to solve the negative impact that it’s having on our environment. This can even turn into a benefit in your home – replace plastic with metal, glass, or wood and your home will look more high-end, while helping to reduce the plastics found in your home.

Christopher Todd Communities will partake in the same. Looking at ways we can build more sustainable communities with recycling programs, using different materials in our homes that are better for the environment, and eliminating plastics from our monthly resident events.

Here are some easy ways to replace plastic in your home.

1. Start in the Kitchen

If you start with one room at a time, like the kitchen, you won’t be so overwhelmed with the feeling of “How am I going to do this?” or “What is this going to cost me?”. From mesh produce bags, reusable silicone food bags, reusable grocery bags, to metal and glass dishes, the list is endless of inexpensive alternatives to plastic. [Reusable Grocery Bags]

2. Bathroom Essentials

Ditch the plastic toothbrush and get a Bamboo one. Makeup wipes and pads have become part of our bathroom routine, but biodegradable alternatives work just as well. Spruce up your bath with an organic cotton shower curtain instead of the cheaply made plastic curtain that sticks to you.

3. Zero Waste Household

Most cleaning products are put in plastic. Why not use refillable glass bottles to put your laundry detergent, window cleaner, and dish soap in. Your friends will think you hired a professional home organizer with your new matching containers with fun labels on them. [Zero Waste Store]

4. Other Household Items

It seems each year, a new alternative to plastic comes out and offers us the perfect opportunity to become more and more environmentally friendly. Things like a steel compost bin, metal scissors (that cut better than the old ones), metal straws, wood hangers, compostable garbage bags, and silicone ice cube trays. Big box stores are making it easier for us to swap out plastic for just about anything in our home.

Turn Your Christopher Todd Home Into A Plastic Free Zone!

By adopting some of these ideas and having a plan, your home can be plastic free in no time and that can have a positive effect on our environment, one home at a time. When you rent a Build-To-Rent home in a Christopher Todd community, you can rest assured that we will be taking some of these simple steps with you.

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