Build-To-Rent Projections for 2022

Build-to-rent communities are becoming more popular than ever, and this year is the biggest yet for the industry. In fact, 14,000 single-family rental homes are scheduled to open in 2022—up more than 70% from 2021! There are currently over 90,000 single-family rental homes across the country in about 720 rental communities.

See why so many Americans are choosing the build-to-rent way of life instead of owning a home or living in a traditional apartment.

What Is A Build-To-Rent Community?

A build-to-rent community is a community of single-family rental homes offering all the benefits of living in a one-story home —like private backyards, spacious floor plans, and quiet indoor spaces—with perks like access to community pools, grilling and picnic areas, Fitness Centers, 24/7 property management teams, and more.

Build-to-rent homes can include detached houses, duplexes, or even townhomes. We specialize in horizontal living at Christopher Todd Communities.

Why Is Build-To-Rent So Popular?

As we touched on above, those who live in a build-to-rent community get the best aspects of living in a private, single-family home and a friendly, welcoming community. Residents have their own private space along with a ton of community amenities. Some of the most popular luxury amenities at Christopher Todd Communities include resort-style pools, grilling areas, Fitness Studios, large green spaces, and much more.

Houses in our build-to-rent communities also come updated with all of the smart home appliances and features that make life as pleasant as possible. Renters enjoy everything from keyless entry systems and doorbell cameras for security to smart appliances and digital thermostats for energy-efficient and convenient living.

Adding to the convenience is the fact that build-to-rent homes are essentially maintenance-free. We have on-site staff members that take care of any yard work, and our team is standing by to make any necessary emergency repairs. As one of our renters, all you have to do is sit back and relax!

Our residents also enjoy the safety and security of living in a gated community. With fewer vehicles on the road and no solicitors knocking at the door, renters are sure to live happier and healthier lives.

The Hottest Build-To-Rent Markets

It’s clear why build-to-rent communities are so popular among renters these days. But some markets are more popular than others.

The Phoenix metro area tops the charts when it comes to build-to-rent communities. There are currently over 6,400 single-family rentals in the area, and that number continues to grow year over year. In fact, we currently have eight Christopher Todd Communities in the Phoenix area, and four more are set to open in 2022!

While build-to-rent communities tend to be more common across the Southwest—particularly Arizona and Texas—the Columbus, Ohio metro region is currently the second-most popular market with just over 4,700 single-family rental homes.

The Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan area has seen particularly rapid growth in terms of the number of build-to-rent homes built, and it’s a market Christopher Todd Communities is excited to enter.

As of 2022, Dallas ranked third nationally for the number of single-family rentals, and the wave continues to increase with twice as many build-to-rent properties under construction compared to last year. As the cost to buy a home throughout the country continues to increase, we won’t be surprised to see the demand for single-family rental communities skyrocket year over year.

At Christopher Todd Communities, we are excited to enter the Dallas build-to-rent market, as well as several other hot markets across the U.S. including Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte and Austin.

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