2022 Interior Design Trends

Just as fashion trends go in and out of style, so does interior design. Keeping your home on trend and en vogue can feel overwhelming and confusing with different elements going in and out of style what feels like monthly. The good news is, contrary to that overwhelming feeling, interior design trends tend to stay in style a little longer than personal fashion styles. You can pick an overall design for your home and make small changes here and there to keep up with modern trends, but the overall style of your home doesn’t necessarily need to change that much.

If you feel like the interior design of your rental home could use a refresh or update, below are some interior design trends for 2022. As we said, no need to change the overall style of your home. Just make some small changes or additions and you’ll be back on trend in no time. Check in with your friendly Christopher Todd Community leasing team to get started on your new interior vision today.

1. Natural Elements

We’re not just talking plants and trees here. Bringing natural color palettes and textures into your indoor space is a massive trend in 2022 that is as chic as it is timeless. Incorporating neutral and naturally inspired colors not only brings a relaxing, organic feel to the interior of your home, but it’s also much easier to change up the rest of the accent colors and bolder design elements when it comes time. Be sure to check in with the leasing team in your community to discuss interior painting projects.

2. Sustainability

As the world shifts towards more sustainable fashion and design options, so should your choices of interior design elements. Choose materials and decorations made sustainably by small business owners or try to shop at local stores and thrift markets. When a decoration or piece of furniture has served its time in your home, try selling it, donating it, or repurposing it rather than throwing it away.

3. Homework Rooms and In-Home Libraries

With the latest shift to virtual office spaces and classrooms, our residents are beginning to realize a need for a dedicated quiet space for work and homework. These spaces don’t need to be large, but they should have a specific design that creates a space to focus. Choose a neutral and calming wall color and fill the space with limited furniture in order to create a relaxing space with fewer distractions.

4. Colorful Window Treatments

Try adding colorful treatments to your windows if you’re trying to bring a touch of color into an otherwise neutral space. Go bold with fun patterns or floral designs, or choose a solid pattern in a bright, bold color. Window treatments are the perfect place to incorporate fun colors and patterns because they are small enough to not overwhelm the rest of the space but also tend to be a focal point of the room.

5. 3D Art

When choosing wall art for the interior spaces in your home, try going 3D. Painting or photos in frames are great, but 3D pieces can add depth and texture to a space that is otherwise boring and one-dimensional. This can also be a great chance to practice your DIY skills, as several 3D art trends can be easily recreated at home. Why spend your hard-earned money on art that can be easy and fun to create on your own?

Bring Out Your Inner Designer in a Christopher Todd Community

Interior design trends come and go, but one thing is always the same: the fun of finding pieces and creating a space that looks and feels like your own. When you rent your own build-to-rent home in a Christopher Todd community, you can show off your design skills and invite loved ones into a designed and styled space just to your liking because it was designed and styled by you!

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