The Focus on Wellness is Accelerating

The wellness industry, within the real estate sector, reached over $430 Billion in 2023. With the pandemic dramatically accelerating the understanding among renters of the importance of what external environments play in our physical and mental health, it has become more important than ever for rental communities to focus on wellness. The wellness of people and the planet has become many developers’ top priority. Sustainability initiatives, including energy efficiency programs and appliances, clean air, and highly impactful water management are now not enough. Renters today are looking for ways to soothe their soul, reduce their stress and meet other “like minded” individuals for important socialization time.

What does ‘Wellness’ really mean? Wellness is an active pursuit of working towards an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Wellness is also linked to holistic health, that extends beyond physical health and incorporates many more dimensions such as lifestyle and behaviors. Wellness is about being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal holistic health. Most models of wellness include at least six dimensions: mental, physical, environmental, social, emotional and spiritual.
All dimensions should be considered when planning a luxury rental community.

From the beginning, Christopher Todd Communities has proactively put the wellness lens on as it builds communities. Based on the six dimensions of wellness, a rental home at Christopher Todd Communities addresses them all. Homes are positioned within a park like setting with plenty of green and open space. From the sense of entry of florals and trees to the resort-inspired pool, the physical and environmental needs of residents are satisfied. The typical 200 home communities were also designed to provide much needed quiet and private space to connect spiritually with residents’ mental wellbeing. Private backyards allow for serenity and meditation mornings. Socialization becomes a natural part of living at Christopher Todd Communities with its Event Lawn, parks and planned community gatherings. And as we all know, a four-legged friend is an instant icebreaker for making new friends, which is why these communities place such an emphasis on being pet friendly. Even some of the community’s Fitness Centers have bikes for spin classes and outdoor yoga meditation areas. All dimensions of wellness are within reach for every resident. And when people feel a sense of belonging, their stress is mitigated and studies have shown, they stay longer in their rental home.

Innovations focused on wellness are abundant right now as they focus on redefining living space to optimize best living. A few examples we at Christopher Todd Communities are evaluating include helping bedrooms become better sleep rooms through the use of air quality and lighting. Smarter appliances that are tech ready, flexible work life balance areas, and more active and passive areas for play are all being considered.

We love supporting bringing wellness into our residents’ lives. Wellness is a large part of A New Way to Live and promoting physical activity is an important gateway to good health.

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Carrie Martz

Carrie Martz is the Chief Branding Officer for Christopher Todd Communities and is responsible for creating maximum value for the brand, with residents and our owners. In her spare time, Carrie is committed to making the world a better place through her philanthropic and nonprofit support.