The Benefits of Renting in a Horizontal Living Community

Owning a home or renting a unit in an apartment complex have between two of the most popular housing options for the past few decades. Thankfully, there’s now a third option: renting a single-family house in a horizontal living community.

Horizontal living—also known as horizontal housing—is the concept of renting a single-family detached house located in a vibrant community that’s packed with amenities for everyone to enjoy.

Because horizontal living combines the advantages of a single-family home and the perks of living in an amenity-filled apartment complex, more Americans are starting to see the benefits of renting a home in a horizontal housing community.

Lower Cost of Living

The main reason Americans of all ages are gravitating towards horizontal living compared to dealing with the housing market is the significant financial investment required to buy a house. And it’s not just the massive down payment required to buy a house that scares people off! There are many (somewhat hidden) costs associated with homeownership that you don’t get with renting in a horizontal living community.

No Property Taxes

Although it varies by state, the national average for property taxes is 1.07%. That might not seem like much at first, but that’s a ton of money to pay each year just for owning a home. There are no property taxes when you rent a home in a horizontal living community, so you won’t have to pay a fortune come April 15th.

No Mortgage Payment

A homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment depends on a variety of factors like their loan amount, repayment terms, and interest rate. That’s not the case when you opt to rent a home in a horizontal living community—all you’ll owe is your monthly rent and utilities.

No Repair Bills

Whether it’s a leaky roof or a broken kitchen appliance, something’s bound to go wrong with your home. While a dedicated DIYer can repair some things around the house, many home repairs need the help of a pro. And those repair bills can be sky-high! Instead of paying a plumber or electrician, move into a horizontal living community where repair bills are non-existent and maintenance—even lawn maintenance—is taken care of.

Peace and Quiet

It doesn’t matter if they’re upstairs, downstairs, or next door to your unit, noisy neighbors can keep you up all night when you live in an apartment complex. Because each single-family home is detached, obnoxious neighbors aren’t a concern when you choose to rent in a horizontal living community. You can rest easy knowing you won’t be suddenly awoken at night by a party next door.

More Privacy

They say good fences make good neighbors, and that holds true in a horizontal living community. Each single-family home boasts a private, fenced-in backyard. Feel free to sunbathe outside or host cookouts with your friends without having to share space.

Community Amenities

Should you choose to meet your neighbors, just head out and enjoy some of the many amenities available in your horizontal living community. Everything from a resort-style swimming pool and spa to a dog park is at your disposal when you opt to rent a horizontal home.

Maintenance Free

You could argue that the biggest downside of homeownership is dealing with all of the maintenance required to keep the house looking great and fully functional. From yard work to the repairs mentioned above, home maintenance is a thing of the past when you choose to rent in a horizontal living community. So you can just kick back and relax while a full-service maintenance team handles everything.

Step-Free Access

As the years go on, many people have difficulty navigating stairs. So a multi-level home that requires stairs to access becomes out of the question. Because every house is only a single level, horizontal housing is the ideal choice for aging Americans.

Experience Horizontal Living for Yourself

Whether you’re tired of dealing with the stress of owning a home or you’re fed up with noisy neighbors in a low-quality apartment complex, now’s a time to contact our friendly staff members at Christopher Todd Communities. Schedule a tour so you can experience horizontal living first-hand, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news from Christopher Todd Communities.

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