Why You Should Consider Adopting a Pet

While owning a pet is a big responsibility, it can bring endless joy into our lives. After all, dogs are man’s best friend for a reason! While you have many options when looking for your new pet, it’s sometimes a better idea to adopt a rescue animal.

According to the ASPCA, there are over six million companion animals sitting in shelters across the United States. If you’re thinking about becoming a pet parent, consider adopting one (or more) of those six million pets looking for a home.

1. Adopting Saves More Than One Life

The Humane Society estimates that 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year because shelters get overcrowded with homeless animals. When you opt for local pet adoption, you can do your part to reduce that number. But you’re not just saving your pet’s life—you’re also making room for another animal to find a loving owner.

2. You Take Home a Healthy Pet

It’s a common misconception that animals in shelters are given up because they’re unhealthy. In reality, most owners have to give their pets up for adoption due to personal reasons. The majority of animals awaiting adoption are perfectly healthy, and all shelter animals are examined, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated to ensure that’s the case. In addition to all this, pets at shelters are also screened to examine temperament and behavior so you know what to expect. So, when you adopt pets and bring them back to pet-friendly homes, you can trust that you’re getting a happy and healthy pet.

3. Adoption Can Save You Money

Between trips to the vet, food, toys, and everything else pets need, being a pet parent can get expensive. Save yourself some money upfront by adopting a cat or dog instead of buying one from a pet store. Adopting a pet can cost as little as $200, and that includes all up-to-date vaccinations. When you compare that to the thousands of dollars it can cost to buy a purebred animal, visiting a pet adoption service is a no-brainer.

On top of that, some shelters include free or reduced-cost veterinary care for the first few months after adoption.

4. Pets Make You Feel Better

Did you know simply petting a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure? Studies by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute show that pet ownership has actual psychological, emotional, and even physical benefits. In addition to having a friend in your home at all times, they can help you live longer, alleviate stress and anxiety, cope with crises, and improve social interaction.

5. You Can Fight Cruel Breeding Practices

One of the best benefits of adopting a pet over buying one at the store is that you’re fighting back against puppy mills and the stores that support them. You may not be single-handedly putting puppy mills out of business, but you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part by adopting.

6. Pet Ownership Increases Your Social Interactions

Studies have shown improved socialization in many areas for pet owners, including making people feel more connected, making it easier to form new friendships, and even helping seniors with cognitive function. Residents in our pet-friendly home rentals love meeting other pet owners for pet picnics, group walks, or just to hang out in their private, fenced backyards.

7. Life Will Never Be Boring Again

When you bring home your new pet, one thing is certain: you’ll never have a dull moment after adopting a rescue pet. Going on walks through the neighborhood, playing fetch in your yard, and hanging out with other pet parents are just a few of the things you can look forward to.

Bring Your Pet to Christopher Todd Communities
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