Plants being beautiful

After all the dreadful heat and humidity this summer, it’s been nice to see a couple of our plants thriving.  The Lazy Susans in front of our house have been blooming all summer so far:

Our Sarracenia rubra ssp. wherryi took the longest time to finally open up one of its pitchers.  It should have done that in April or perhaps May, but it took until early August.  Nonetheless, it was worth the wait:

I should have taken pictures of this No-ID Phal when it had flowers on both spikes, but the flowers left on the second spike are still hanging in there:

Our Doritis pulcherrima has been in steady bloom since we got it.  It just keeps growing new flowers off the tips of the spikes as older flowers lower on the spike drop away.

The flowers are tiny; here’s an underexposed closeup:

And finally (and perhaps most exciting), is the Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ which we won at the NCOS Summer picnic in orchid bingo, has flowered, and it is spectacular:

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