Current tank contents

After moving fish around today, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of what I have in each tank:

110g Malawi Peacock and Haplochromine tank:

  • A half dozen mixed sex Protomelas taeniolatus “Super Red Empress”
  • About a dozen mixed sex Ruby Red peacocks (Aulonocara Stuart Granti “Maleri”)
  • One male OB Peacock
  • One male Red Shoulder Peacock
  • One male Eureka Peacock
  • One male Sunshine Peacock
  • Two juvie Peacocks of unknown sex or variety

65g Malawi Mbuna tank in the kitchen:

  • Four bristlenose plecos
  • Four yellow labs (mixed sex)
  • Six mixed sex Rusties (Iodotropheus sprengerae)
  • Two hemichromis guttatus
  • Six mixed sex Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos ‘Maingano’
  • One male Pseudotropheus socolofi

37g planted display tank:

  • About a dozen Odessa barbs
  • Three yo-yo loaches
  • Two clown plecos
  • Some nerite snails

20g community kitchen tank:

  • One paradish fish
  • One male Apistogramma macmasteri
  • A pair of Aplocheilus lineatus (Golden Wonder killifish)
  • One Siamese algae eater
  • A few Otocinclus
  • One unknown corydora

40 breeder “Malawigumi”

  • Six mixed sex Labdichromis sp. “Hongi”
  • About 15 Hemichromis guttatus juveniles

50 breeder (with Poret foam divider)

  • The left side has one Hemichromis guttatus female and about 25 fry
  • The right side has numerous species of killifish, apistos, and Nannacara anomala

10g under the 40 breeder “Malawigumi”

  • The most adult breeding pair of Hemichromis guttatus and about 25 fry

75g Malaysian tank

  • About 6 giant danios
  • Numerous mixed rainbow fish
  • Plucky, the 14″ pleco
  • About 10 Harlequin and Espei rasboras
  • Some amano shrimp
  • Some Otocinclus
  • Four male Aplocheilus sp. “Manipurensis”
  • One female betta
  • Five Pearl Gouramis

90g Amazon river tank

  • Two Tangerine Discus
  • Two Brilliant Turquoise Discus
  • About 24 cardinal tetras
  • Four Long-finned bristlenose plecos
  • A breeding pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘Orange Flash’
  • Six sterbai cories
  • A pair of German Blue Rams
  • Amano shrimp
  • Nerite snails

I plan to break down the 20 high, replace the substrate, and move the Odessa barbs and Yo-yo loaches into that, then move the Tangerine discus into the 37g by themselves, where I hope they will spawn.  Plus, given that the 37g is visible from the living room, dining room, and kitchen, it just seems appropriate that our prettiest fish should be as easily observable as possible.

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