PVAS meeting

Rachel O’Leary (aka msjinkzd on CCA and AquariaCentral) gave a great talk on freshwater inverts, covering all sorts of cool snails and shrimp (and even micro crabs), and described some of the gotchas to keeping inverts.  It was an excellent talk that demystified several aspects of keeping shrimp for me.  She says she was nervous, but she did a great job!

In the auction, I scored big time, picking up a bunch of cool killies, a trio of betta splendens (the last fish bag in the auction, and they went for a dollar), an unbelievable adult male Apistogramma agassizi I got late in the auction for four bucks, and six agassizi juvies.  The killies I got were:

  • A trio of Fundulopanchax scheeli – gorgeous African species, and the females have a lot more color than most killie females
  • Single male Aphyosemion australe ‘chocolate’ – a peaceful West African species that’s really colorful with interesting finnage
  • Six unsexed Aplocheilus panchax ‘blue’ – standard blue panchax from Southeast Asia
  • 4 male Aplocheilus sp. ‘Manipurensis’ (Red Fin Aplocheilus) – I can’t find much info about these, though the Manipur region of India is known for other species of killies, but they are absolutely gorgeous.  I hope I can eventually find some females…

I had to go to Petsmart and pick up two 2.5g and two 10g tanks to quarantine them in, because I couldn’t just throw them all in together in the 40 breeder that has been my QT tank (though the big male agassizi did go in there).  SO I had to spend fifty bucks on new tanks for forty dollars worth of fish, LOL.

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