February GWAPA meeting

Yet another great GWAPA meeting.  We had quite a few new members, which made the auction more fun than it’s been in a while.  Amy picked up some fissidens fontinalis, riccia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, and some Marchantia ploymorpha that looks kind of like a wide-leaved subwassertang.

I picked up a nice Anubias gigantea that is going in the 90g, some Crypt usteriana, bolbitis, and Cyperus helferi that will go in the 75g.  I also picked up an Eheim liquid doser and a mini jet power head I’ll use for an auto-doser.

Cavan gave a talk on fertilizing tanks, and I learned I have been rather under-dosing micros.  He uses 10ml each of Flourish, Flourish Iron, and Excel in his 40g – every day!  That’s the same dose I use in my 90g after each water change, which happen roughly weekly.  So I’ll have to start increasing those doses, and hopefully building an auto-doser will help me easily keep up with that schedule.

I also bought five drilled 10g tanks with bulkheads for only fifteen bucks.  Before I did, I asked Amy whether she would divorce me if I bought them, and she said no.  :-)

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