BBQ Crawl stop four – Jack’s BBQ, Nashville

After our breakfast at Puckett’s, we lumbered down the street to Broadway in Nashville, and did some shopping in the boot shops.  I bought myself some nice cowboy boots (my dress shoes for work needed replacing), and wandered over to Jack’s BBQ, nestled between the many honky-tonks and boot shops.  We weren’t hungry, but we looked around and bought a bottle of each of their sauces.  We had read a number of reviews that suggested it was either the best BBQ in Nashville, or it was a tourist trap.  Judging from what we saw, I’m leaning more towards the latter, and I’m glad we had such good BBQ at Puckett’s.  It is cafeteria style, where you grab a tray and run down the line telling them what you want.  The smoker is right behind the serving counter, and the place smelled great, but the sides looked like they were straight out of a Sysco can, and just dumped in a steam tray, and did not look very appetizing.  But hey, we can say we’ve been there.

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