BBQ Crawl stop three – Puckett’s for breakfast

So we got yet another late start to the morning, in part because the fire alarm in our hotel went off at 12:30 am. We found out the next morning that one of the guests tried to disable the smoke alarm in their room so they could smoke. Idiots.

So after getting moving, we mosey’d on over to Puckett’s for some breakfast. We had not counted on BBQ for breakfast, but they had it. I had the “Bubba’s eggs benedict” – a split biscuit with brisket on one half, fried chicken on the other (our waiter had told us we could get something other than just the bacon or sausage that’s listed on the menu), smothered with pepper gravy and topped with a fried egg.  Absolutely awesome!  The brisket was smokey and tender with a nice smoke ring, and the fried chicken, while more like the kind of chicken tenders you get in many restaurants, was nonetheless perfectly matched to the gravy and egg.

Amy had the “Southern stack” – sweet potato pancakes with fried apples and pulled pork, and topped with a fried egg.  It was delicious, too, especially the combination of the fried apples and the pulled pork.  Very complimentary, and when combined with the richness of the egg and the sweetness of the pancakes, it was an awesome combination.

As an added bonus, the table we were seated at was actually on the stage they use for live music at night.  So in addition to having a great BBQ breakfast, we can now say we’ve been on the stage in Nashville!

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