Christmas BBQ Crawl

Amy’s parents moved to Dothan, Alabama this last summer, so we are traveling to southern Alabama for Christmas. Shortly after her parents left, Amy asked me “Have my parents ever actually looked through your telescope?” to which the answer was, in fact, no. So we hatched a plan – since Dothan, Alabama has much darker skies than where we live in suburban Baltimore, I wanted to drive to Alabama for Christmas so I could bring my telescope (it is far too large to ship or to put on in my baggage for an airline flight). That way, we could enjoy the dark skies of southern Alabama during our Christmas vacation.

So we are putting our daughters on a flight to Alabama on their own (a great adventure for them!), and Amy and I are driving to Dothan, Alabama. Since we’re going to be passing through the heart of BBQ country on the way, we’ve decided to make a BBQ crawl out of it (we are inspired, in no small part, by Danielle Dimovsky’s show “BBQ Crawl“).

We leave later today, after we take the girls to the airport. We plan to hit all the best BBQ joints in the South that we can get to in a 3-4 day drive from Baltimore to Dothan. We constructed a Google Maps map with almost 40 BBQ joints, though we know we’ll only be able to hit a small portion of those.

On the way down, we plan to take I-95 through Richmond on to Raleigh/Durham, where we’ll stop to visit Amy’s brother and his family. ┬áThen we’ll head west across North Carolina and into Tennessee, and probably spend a day and night in Nashville. Then we’ll head dead south through northern Alabama (hopefully stopping at Big Bob Gibson’s), and end up in Dothan on Tuesday or so. It should be a blast!

We haven’t yet decided on the exact course home, but we’ll probably head through Atlanta, then east into South Carolina and then north along I-95 through North Carolina, Virginia, and then home.

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