First BBQ brisket

Well, I’m trying my first BBQ beef brisket. I picked up a nine pound brisket from JW Treuth (I neglected to get USDA Choice, and instead got USDA select; that could be a mistake).

We will inject it with Myron Mixon’s beef injection and marinade and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Made Myron Mixons beef injection using two cups water, two cups Natures Promise beef broth, and three Knorr’s bouillon cubes. Brought the water to a boil, then added the broth and cubes and stirred until dissolved, then removed from heat.

Trimmed the brisket per Aaron Franklin’s instructions on his YouTube channel.

Took the trimmed fat from the brisket, and placed it on foil and put it in the smoker to season the smoker. I filled up a chimney with briquettes and lit it, and this time I waited until I had flames coming a good six inches above the chimney, but before the top most briquettes had grey ashy corners. Dumped that out in the smoker and put the thickest bits of fat on the bottom rack and the thinnest bits on the top (with aluminum foil underneath). I tossed four chunks of cherry wood on the fire. All vents are full open, but I’m only getting about 260 degrees. Interesting.

Then I injected the brisket per Myron’s instructions and covered it with plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge.


At this point (about 8:45 pm), the smoker was still reading about 275 degrees, and the fat on the top layers was turning brown. Not sure if that is seasoning the smoker or not, but hey. It is about 73 degrees ambient and there is no breeze to speak of.

By 9:45, the smoker was still at about 260.

Next morning, I took the brisket out of the fridge at 9:30, and started cleaning up the smoker.

Rubbed the brisket liberally with half kosher salt half pepper.

It took me nearly an hour to get the smoker going. Filled the ring with coals, and after they were all going, I added four cherry chunks. By 12:30, it was at 350, so I added boiling water (two pitchers) to the pan, which dropped the temp about 50 degrees. I probably should have added the water when I closed the smoker. I then put the brisket on without foil or pan at 12:38. Temp is about 275, so I need to watch it to see if the temp comes up. Unfortunately it is about to start raining.

No rain has come one hour in. Smoker is at 250. I added 6 wood chunks and stoked the fire, and that brought the temp up about 5 degrees.

By 2:15, temp was 240, so I fired up half a chimney of coals. Added them at 2:21, and temp immediately rose to 285.

At 3 pm, temp is 285. It was down to 260 by 4:15, at which point the meat thermometer read 170.

At 5 pm, smoker was 250 and the meat was 175 and starting to look nice.

At 5:30 pm, smoker was about 240, and we wrapped the brisket in aluminum foil. By 6:20, the smoker was down to about 230, and the meat was about 185. I think we’ll let it go about another hour, and then take it off and let it rest.

Took it off the smoker at 6:55, at which point it’s internal temp was 195 or more (the stupid meat thermometer does not go above 200).

We let it rest until 7:45, when the internal temp was down to 155. We sliced it up and… It was delicious! It had a nice 1/4″ smoke ring and a great flavor. The point was definitely better than the flat, but even the flat was pretty good. It had a decent chew, but wasn’t too chewy.

In retrospect, I used a little too much pepper in the rub, or used too much rub, but I like it.


Next time, I think I’ll take the more traditional low and slow by using the Minion method with a full water pan, and using two whole chimneys worth of briquettes by putting one chimney of unlit around the edge and dumping a lit chimney in the middle.

Having some leftover point for lunch the next day. Seems to heat up pretty well in the microwave. I didn’t do a pull test yesterday, but it doesn’t pull apart like it should, so I didn’t break down all the collagen. So I need to cook it longer so the internal temp gets higher for longer.

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