September 2012 CCA Meeting

The September CCA meeting was eventful. Anthony Tu gave a talk about Frontosa, detailing all the different varieties found around Lake Tanganyika, and showing several videos showing the awesome colors these fish have. He was finishing his talk with a video of a conjoined twins Frontosa when the power went out at the high school because of a passing thunderstorm.

Despite the power outage, Bill Barbito from East Coast Cichlids was still able to run the auction because of his prodigious voice. I picked up some nice things in the auction:

  • A group of five Geophagus Brasiliensis for only four bucks!
  • A group of six juvenile Protomelas ‘Steveni’ Taiwan Reef for $40
  • A single male Pundamilia nyerei ‘Pruti Island’ for just a few bucks
  • Some plants

Before the meeting, I had picked up a pair of German Blue Rams, a pair of Aphyosemion australe ‘Orange’, and several Sterbai Cories from Frank Cowherd, and a large school of Giant Danios from Michael Barber. ¬†All in all, it was a great meeting, capped off with beer and dinner at the Stained Glass pub with Kevin, Marge, and Richard.

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