Tuesday night – thunderstorms without rain

No observing last night, except observing the clouds. A line of potentially severe thunderstorms rolled through in the late afternoon, causing some concern about the safety of people and telescopes. It got very windy, and there was lightning and thunder, but unfortunately (yes, I mean that) it did not rain. I say unfortunately because (according to local residents) it has not rained since September of last year. That’s part of the reason the entire Big Bend region of Texas is under severe wildfire threat, and was a contributing factor to the Rock House fire back in April of this year. The landscape all around the area has large swaths charred black by the fire.

After dinner, as the clouds were rolling in and thunder was booming, we secured and covered our scopes as best we could and threw everything small in our car. My scope was knocked off it’s rocker but did not tip over, and most of the scopes on the field were also fine. Several canopies, tarps, and tents were not so fortunate.

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