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Moving plucky

I had twice seen Plucky (our 12″ common pleco) trying to suck on the new Discus we bought this last weekend.  Tonight, right after the lights went out, he tried it again.  So I turned the lights back on, grabbed … Continue reading

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New carnivorous plants

We went to the Repticon convention last weekend and stopped by the booths for Glass Cages and Black Jungle Terrarium Supply.  We got a 50 breeder, a 1/2 15g (same footprint as a 15g, but half as tall – great … Continue reading

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Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘Orange flash’ fry

I hadn’t seen the female of my pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘Orange Flash’ in a while, which appears to mean that she has laid eggs. Yesterday, while doing a water change, I saw her hanging out behind the driftwood in … Continue reading

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Chesapeake Killifish Club meeting

Went to the May meeting of the Chesapeake Area Killifish Club.  I got to see an awesome setup for breeding and keeping killifish – an entire rack of plastic shoe boxes!  That’s right, plastic shoe boxes used as fish tanks. … Continue reading

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New fish from PVAS meeting

The PVAS meeting featured a talk on Koi ponds from John Bianchi, owner of Blue Ribbon Koi.  He went through the details of building koi ponds, and discussed the areas where home owners often make mistakes during the design phase. … Continue reading

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