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Fish spawns while on vacation

The jewel cichlids that spawned in the 65g just before we left for vacation are now protecting about two dozen fry.  They seem to be doing a good job protecting them from all the other cichlids in the tank. The … Continue reading

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Jewel cichlid spawn

Amy and my Mom got to watch the Jewel cichlids spawn in the 65g today.  We took some pics, but they are mostly lousy, and we’ll process them later.  It will be interesting to see whether the fry survive in … Continue reading

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Lagenandra thwaitesii spathe opens

The L. thwaitesii spathe has opened: Another shot showing the cool color and texture inside:

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PVAS meeting

Rachel O’Leary (aka msjinkzd on CCA and AquariaCentral) gave a great talk on freshwater inverts, covering all sorts of cool snails and shrimp (and even micro crabs), and described some of the gotchas to keeping inverts.  It was an excellent … Continue reading

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