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February GWAPA meeting

Yet another great GWAPA meeting.  We had quite a few new members, which made the auction more fun than it’s been in a while.  Amy picked up some fissidens fontinalis, riccia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, and some Marchantia ploymorpha that looks kind … Continue reading

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Lagenandra thwaitesii spathe

I have been growing emersed Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra for over a year now, and they have steadfastly refused to flower for me.  This has been immensely frustrating, because the whole reason I started growing them emersed was to get them … Continue reading

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Nepenthes updates

Well, after losing both Nepenthes ampullaria and the N. mirabilis to low humidity just after we got them, most of the other Nepenthes have pulled through, and are starting to flourish.

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February ACLC meeting

Amy and I attended the February meeting of the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (ACLC) in Lancaster, PA, yesterday.  It was quite a pleasant drive, just about an hour and a half, or a little less than it typically takes … Continue reading

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Paphiopedilum urbanianum bloom

I bought this about a month ago at the Woodstream Orchids open house. It was in bud at the time. Over the last weekend it bloomed (maybe this species likes to bloom during 24″ snow storms? ). It has one … Continue reading

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