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Phal. no ID blooming

I still need to get pictures, but I wanted to make a note that the first flower on Amy’s Phal. no ID opened yesterday.  There are a total of 10 other buds on that spike.  Last year, I bought this … Continue reading

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January GWAPA meeting

Great GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house.  He talked about tissue culturing aquatic plants, and showed us examples of the successes he’s had with Crypt. nurii and Lagenandra meeboldii. He recently re-scaped his ADA 90p, and talked about that tank, and … Continue reading

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Fish behaviors in the 90g

It looks like the Discus are cleaning off the underside of the largest leaf of the Lagenandra. I’m seeing some interesting aggressive behavior from the Rams… two of the new, younger, fish are getting aggressive and attacking the adult pair. … Continue reading

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90g current fauna (1/16/2010)

Here’s the current contents of the 90g ‘Brazilian Love Shack’: A Discus pair Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘Orange Flash’: An adult breeding pair, and at least three 3/4″ fry Microgeophagus Ramirezi (German Blue Ram): An adult breeding pair, and four sub-adult females … Continue reading

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65g current contents (1/16/2010)

Here’s the current fauna in the 65g Lake Malawi tank: Plucky, the common pleco Four Pseudotropheus socolofi (three juvies of two different sizes, and one adult) Six Rusty Cichlids (one adult, five juvies) 7 Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (one adult and 6 … Continue reading

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New CPs arrived

The Sarracenia leucophylla var. ‘Tarnok’ and S. rubra ssp. wherryi arrived today from Sarracenia Northwest.  They went straight into the fridge.  We didn’t even remove the cellophane wrappers around them, though perhaps we should.  I’ll email Sarracenia Northwest and ask … Continue reading

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New mini-phal purchase

I was at my local Home Depot getting other stuff, and stopped to look at their orchids.  Most were pretty sad looking, but I stumbled on a nice looking mini-Phalaenopsis hybrid with pretty flowers and good looking roots for ten … Continue reading

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Discus spawn update

When I checked this morning, there were still eggs on the leaf, and now there aren’t.  And we can’t find any hatched fry, either free swimming, or swimming near or attached to the discus.  So someone appears to have had … Continue reading

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Brookside Gardens Orchid Club meeting

Amy and I finished off our wonderful Sunday afternoon attending our first meeting of the Brookside Gardens Orchid Club after our trip to Woodstream Orchids.  Incidentally, we had some really good Korean food at a restaurant around the corner from … Continue reading

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Woodstream orchids visit

Amy’s parents were kind enough to babysit the girls Saturday morning through Sunday evening, so we could have the weekend mostly to ourselves.  Saturday we spent at the CCA meeting, but on Sunday, we went down to Huntington, MD to … Continue reading

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Another great CCA meeting

Amy got to attend her first CCA meeting ever, and it was a good one.  Frank Cowherd was the speaker, discussing culturing live foods.  It was an excellent talk, highlighting the techniques Frank has used to successfully raise five different … Continue reading

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Discus spawn again!

The discus have spawned again, this time on the rather narrow leaves of the Echinodorus horemanii ‘Red’. Now that I know you should leave a little light on overnight, so the discus don’t forget they’re laid eggs, perhaps this time … Continue reading

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New carnivorous plants on the way

Well, I placed an order with Sarracenia Northwest, to get their e-Book “Secrets to Growing Beautiful Carnivorous Plants”, as well as two really cool Sarracenia – S. rubra ssp. wherryi and S. leucophylla var. ‘Tarnok’.  They probably won’t ship until … Continue reading

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German Blue Ram spawn update

Well, the eggs all got white fuzz all over them, and none have hatched, so we suspect they have all succumbed to a fungal infection.

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German Blue Ram spawn!

Well, I was doing a little plant maintenance on the 90g (the swords have gotten out of control, as had the Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’), and here I am trimming large sword leaves when what do I see, but about 100 … Continue reading

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Apistogramma cacatuoides injury/disease

I was just feeding the 90g, and noticed that the right eye of the male A. cacatuoides is puffed out and seems to be surrounded by swollen white tissue.  Not sure if he’s suffered an injury from the female cacatuoides … Continue reading

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