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Awesome GWAPA meeting

This month’s GWAPA meeting was at Ghazanfar’s house, and was awesome.  I was dog tired after staying up late the prior two nights observing, and then driving almost two hours from Tuckahoe to Northern Virginia, but it was worth it. … Continue reading

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Wonderfully geeky weekend

What a great geeky weekend!  Thursday through Sunday was the Delmarva Stargaze, for which we had outstanding weather, and then Saturday afternoon was the GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house, where I got to see his awesome planted tanks and emersed … Continue reading

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New emersed plants

After Ghazanfar’s great talk at this weekend’s GWAPA meeting on growing plants emersed, I decided to add some more plants to my emersed setup.  So I planted marsilea minuta, pogostemon helferi (downoi), eleocharis acicularis, blyxa japonica, hygrophila difformis ‘variegated’, cryptocoryne … Continue reading

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