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October CCA meeting

Greg Steeves gave a great talk on Lake Victorian cichlids (primarily haplochromines), as well as the C.A.R.E.S. program, which is designed to encourage hobbyist fish keepers to maintain and propagate species that are at risk or already extinct in the … Continue reading

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September 2012 CCA Meeting

The September CCA meeting was eventful. Anthony Tu gave a talk about Frontosa, detailing all the different varieties found around Lake Tanganyika, and showing several videos showing the awesome colors these fish have. He was finishing his talk with a … Continue reading

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April CCA meeting

Laif Demason gave a talk today on the mechanics of running a fish farm in Florida.  It was fascinating to get an insider’s view of what it takes to farm fish.  Like any type of farming, it’s not an easy … Continue reading

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Another great CCA meeting

Amy got to attend her first CCA meeting ever, and it was a good one.  Frank Cowherd was the speaker, discussing culturing live foods.  It was an excellent talk, highlighting the techniques Frank has used to successfully raise five different … Continue reading

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