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20g long current contents

Fauna currently in the 20 long QT tank: Rainbow shark Espei rasboras Harlequin rasboras Flora currently in the tank: Cryptocoryne wendtii C. pontederiifolia C. x willissii C. affinis Java fern Echinodorus quadricostatus Eleocharis vivipara E. acicularis Limnophila aromatica

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New emersed plants

After Ghazanfar’s great talk at this weekend’s GWAPA meeting on growing plants emersed, I decided to add some more plants to my emersed setup. ┬áSo I planted marsilea minuta, pogostemon helferi (downoi), eleocharis acicularis, blyxa japonica, hygrophila difformis ‘variegated’, cryptocoryne … Continue reading

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