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GWAPA meeting

Kris and Cavan gave a great talk on Collecting native aquatic plants, in which they described how you can go about finding and collecting some of the aquatic plants in our area, where to find them, what you’re likely to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me! A new fish tank

I bought a very nice planted tank from a fellow GWAPA member today.  Actually, Amy’s parents bought it for me for my birthday.    It’s a 37 gallon, which has the same footprint as a 29g, but is taller.  It … Continue reading

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Cryptocoryne undulata spathe

I have been growing various Cryptocoryne species in an emersed setup for over a year, but have been frustrated because none of them had ever flowered for me.  Earlier this year, my Lagenandra thwaitesii flowered, but until now, none of … Continue reading

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New fish from PVAS meeting

The PVAS meeting featured a talk on Koi ponds from John Bianchi, owner of Blue Ribbon Koi.  He went through the details of building koi ponds, and discussed the areas where home owners often make mistakes during the design phase. … Continue reading

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April CCA meeting

Laif Demason gave a talk today on the mechanics of running a fish farm in Florida.  It was fascinating to get an insider’s view of what it takes to farm fish.  Like any type of farming, it’s not an easy … Continue reading

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Lagenandra thwaitesii spathe opens

The L. thwaitesii spathe has opened: Another shot showing the cool color and texture inside:

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February GWAPA meeting

Yet another great GWAPA meeting.  We had quite a few new members, which made the auction more fun than it’s been in a while.  Amy picked up some fissidens fontinalis, riccia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, and some Marchantia ploymorpha that looks kind … Continue reading

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Lagenandra thwaitesii spathe

I have been growing emersed Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra for over a year now, and they have steadfastly refused to flower for me.  This has been immensely frustrating, because the whole reason I started growing them emersed was to get them … Continue reading

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January GWAPA meeting

Great GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house.  He talked about tissue culturing aquatic plants, and showed us examples of the successes he’s had with Crypt. nurii and Lagenandra meeboldii. He recently re-scaped his ADA 90p, and talked about that tank, and … Continue reading

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Discus spawn again!

The discus have spawned again, this time on the rather narrow leaves of the Echinodorus horemanii ‘Red’. Now that I know you should leave a little light on overnight, so the discus don’t forget they’re laid eggs, perhaps this time … Continue reading

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German Blue Ram spawn!

Well, I was doing a little plant maintenance on the 90g (the swords have gotten out of control, as had the Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’), and here I am trimming large sword leaves when what do I see, but about 100 … Continue reading

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20g long current contents

Fauna currently in the 20 long QT tank: Rainbow shark Espei rasboras Harlequin rasboras Flora currently in the tank: Cryptocoryne wendtii C. pontederiifolia C. x willissii C. affinis Java fern Echinodorus quadricostatus Eleocharis vivipara E. acicularis Limnophila aromatica

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Apistogramma cacatuoides fry

Yesterday, I noticed the female A. cacatuoides leading around several tiny fry.  I was able to count about a half dozen, though I suspect there might be more.  She had been very yellow and aggressive for days, and had been … Continue reading

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75g Malaysian biotope current contents

While the 75g tank has changed a good bit recently because I’m trying to get the Pearl Gouramis to spawn again, here’s the current contents: Fish: Six Pearl Gouramis (two male, four female) One Harlequin rasbora (I couldn’t catch it … Continue reading

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Using this to track my tanks and stuff

It recently occurred to me that I might be able to use this WordPress blog to keep track of the goings on in my fish tanks, my emersed aquatic plant setup, and the orchid/carnivorous plant terraria I’m setting up. I … Continue reading

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Awesome GWAPA meeting

This month’s GWAPA meeting was at Ghazanfar’s house, and was awesome.  I was dog tired after staying up late the prior two nights observing, and then driving almost two hours from Tuckahoe to Northern Virginia, but it was worth it. … Continue reading

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New emersed plants

After Ghazanfar’s great talk at this weekend’s GWAPA meeting on growing plants emersed, I decided to add some more plants to my emersed setup.  So I planted marsilea minuta, pogostemon helferi (downoi), eleocharis acicularis, blyxa japonica, hygrophila difformis ‘variegated’, cryptocoryne … Continue reading

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