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Current tank contents

After moving fish around today, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of what I have in each tank: 110g Malawi Peacock and Haplochromine tank: A half dozen mixed sex Protomelas taeniolatus “Super Red Empress” … Continue reading

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Moving plucky

I had twice seen Plucky (our 12″ common pleco) trying to suck on the new Discus we bought this last weekend.  Tonight, right after the lights went out, he tried it again.  So I turned the lights back on, grabbed … Continue reading

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February GWAPA meeting

Yet another great GWAPA meeting.  We had quite a few new members, which made the auction more fun than it’s been in a while.  Amy picked up some fissidens fontinalis, riccia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, and some Marchantia ploymorpha that looks kind … Continue reading

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January GWAPA meeting

Great GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house.  He talked about tissue culturing aquatic plants, and showed us examples of the successes he’s had with Crypt. nurii and Lagenandra meeboldii. He recently re-scaped his ADA 90p, and talked about that tank, and … Continue reading

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New Gourami fry

The Pearl Gouramis have spawned again.  While feeding the tank this morning, I noticed a few fry, then on closer examination, I saw about 50 very small, but nonetheless free-swimming, fry hanging out in the roots of the duckweed towards … Continue reading

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