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GWAPA meeting

Kris and Cavan gave a great talk on Collecting native aquatic plants, in which they described how you can go about finding and collecting some of the aquatic plants in our area, where to find them, what you’re likely to … Continue reading

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Cryptocoryne undulata spathe

I have been growing various Cryptocoryne species in an emersed setup for over a year, but have been frustrated because none of them had ever flowered for me.  Earlier this year, my Lagenandra thwaitesii flowered, but until now, none of … Continue reading

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February GWAPA meeting

Yet another great GWAPA meeting.  We had quite a few new members, which made the auction more fun than it’s been in a while.  Amy picked up some fissidens fontinalis, riccia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, and some Marchantia ploymorpha that looks kind … Continue reading

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January GWAPA meeting

Great GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house.  He talked about tissue culturing aquatic plants, and showed us examples of the successes he’s had with Crypt. nurii and Lagenandra meeboldii. He recently re-scaped his ADA 90p, and talked about that tank, and … Continue reading

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Awesome GWAPA meeting

This month’s GWAPA meeting was at Ghazanfar’s house, and was awesome.  I was dog tired after staying up late the prior two nights observing, and then driving almost two hours from Tuckahoe to Northern Virginia, but it was worth it. … Continue reading

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Wonderfully geeky weekend

What a great geeky weekend!  Thursday through Sunday was the Delmarva Stargaze, for which we had outstanding weather, and then Saturday afternoon was the GWAPA meeting at Ghazanfar’s house, where I got to see his awesome planted tanks and emersed … Continue reading

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